Die Casting

Die Casting
  • We have 7 HPDC machine’s ranging from 120T to 900T. We are expanding it to 1250T very soon.
  • We have produce Casting component’s from 0.05 gm’s to as heavy 8 kg's
  • Our Annual processing/Melting capacity is 2500 Ton of Aluminium casting
  • We are ready to process any grade/types of alloys Suitable for Aluminium High Pressure Die casting. At present we cast Al380, AlSi10Cu2Fe (ADC12), AlSi 12 / AlSi 12 Fe (LM6), AlSi8Cu3Fe (LM24) & Alsi132,Mazak alloys.
  • We have melting furnace with 3000 kg's Capacity. The furnace’s are individual holding & melting for specific alloy with necessary controls.
  • Machines are replaced or upgraded regularly as per IATF16949 : 2016 compliant.
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